Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fireboy and watergirl 3 walktrough

Level 24 is classic fireboy and watergirl level push iron balls but push them from true way you will see barriers open and you can complete level. All fireboy and watergirl mechanisms use in game level 25. Air fans, boxes, light puzzles if you can pass this racecourse i think you can pass all racecourse and finish game. Use box to make step. Fireboy and watergirl ice temple game level 26 walkthrough is take arm to remove watergirl upstairs then push boxes on buttons and solve this puzzle this level is little long. Move very slow in part 27 if you make wrong you lose game. Jump on swings but be fast because you have got short time. Before look mechanism then play in racecourse 28, change water to ice and ice to water, Watergirl and fireboy need this to pass big pools.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fireboy and watergirl in the village

Spring come, flowers open, the grass grew longer now time of go outdoor. Fireboy and watergirl make this they go outdoor and run on the grass, fire boy want catch watergirl but she run faster than fireboy. Very nice day butterfly flying, i think it is a happiness image. Come on our work is combine fireboy and watergirl image. Hold and drag pieces from true place. Good luck.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fireboy and watergirl the Land of Cactus

it is a fireboy puzzle game. Use the mouse to place part of the image true area. Maybe before look fireboy image long then pass the puzzle. Fire boy i in front of watergirl house in this game. He is very excited because watergirl introduce fireboy and her father but fireboy and water girl need your help. Come on we help them. Do not forget in front of watergirl house big green cactus tree. Start use cactus tree and complited image. if you want to play this game please find to google

Fireboy and watergirl in the ship

Fireboy and water girl go to the holiday. They go people  ship, their ship is very big and a lot of people come with watergirl and fireboy. They decide this holiday after their fewer. This game is a classic puzzle game if you like sea, ship and fireboy and water girl like this game to. Hold then drag image parts and complete image. Fireboy sulky watergirl because he want to go holiday by plane but watergirl do not want plane she want ship so fireboy sad and turned back, you can see on image.

Fireboy's Ship Paint Game information

Fireboy is alone in this game, he search watergirl so fireboy buy a ship then search watergirl. Fireboy's ship is very sweety. Do you want to help fireboy? i think your answer is yes. Get brush then paint fireboy he will be handsome because fireboy go to watergirl island, he want handsome. The left side of the page a lot of color which you want color click on this color  then you can paint fireboy. Game control is very basic you must use only mouse. Nice paint.